It's been exactly a month since The Mavericks Project showed its face to the world for the first time.

In the last four weeks, the show has seen more incredible support than I could have ever hoped for. We're averaging well over 1,000 downloads per episode, the guest list continues to grow, and most of all: people are having FUN with the project.

Learning moments abound in every aspect of life, and launching a podcast is no exception. Here are the three biggest learning lessons I've discovered throughout The Mavericks Project's first month:

  1. Mixing takes a LONG time. Regardless of my background in audio engineering, getting your show's sound to your liking is hard. There is background noise, network issues, and all of the "um's", "ah's", and "so's" that accompany nearly every sentence. Spend time on this to make it great—it's worth it. And you WILL spend time on this.
  2. Accept the fact that plans will change. I was dead set on the format of the show before recording began. Each episode was going to be a sixty-minute, banter-filled extravaganza discussing a myriad of topics with each guest. But I quickly learned that my listeners wanted shorter, action-oriented episodes. I should have seen that coming! Long story short: I wasted a few folks' time with the original format, but we already have them scheduled to re-record their episodes.
  3. Even if you love to talk, it's not always easy. Anyone who knows me is fully aware that I have no problems with public speaking. Hell, I don't have any problems with speaking in general! But there are days where—even if you have several exciting interviews planned—it just isn't what you want to be doing. Stick with it anyway.

One month ago, my life changed forever. And I couldn't be happier that anyone reading this is along for the ride in some capacity.

Stay tuned!