Leo Melendez is a business coach and a marketing strategist.

As a native of Puerto Rico, Leo joined the United States Marine Corps after high school to fulfill a lifelong dream of becoming a fighter pilot.

After a career that expanded 18 years, 2 wars and 750 hours of tactical flight time in the F-18, Leo decided it was time to take his life to the next level and pursue entrepreneurship.

But in his transition out of the military, Leo suffered a debilitating depression that stopped him in his tracks, unable to decide where to go next.

After moping around for 6 months trying to make sense of his life after the military, Leo decided one day that it was enough… no more moping around, no more confusion.

He took all his lessons learned in the military and started a consulting practice that ultimately became a marketing consulting company transforming the lives of entrepreneurs all across the world with live events, online training and 1-on-1 programs.

He attributes his success to never giving up on his dreams, no matter how dark the odds.

He now helps entrepreneurs create marketing systems to grow a local business with a global presence using content and automation. His specialty is in Facebook advertising, online quizzes, email marketing, artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

Leo is a combat-decorated Marine Corps F/A-18 fighter pilot, a Certified Digital Marketing Professional and he holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business.

As a sought after keynote speaker, trainer and consultant, Leo has spoken in front of professional audiences across the country including Gates Corporation, Small Business Digital Marketing Summit, University of Phoenix, National University, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and has appeared on NBC TV as an aviation expert.

Leo is now on a mission to stop the entrepreneurial struggle to generate qualified leads using digital marketing.