Welcome back to another great 1-on-1 episode of The Mavericks Project!

In the next four episodes, we will be discussing Collin's DAMN Good business system and what it means for you and your business.

DAMN stands for: Delegate, Automate, Meditate, and Necessitate, and is the system Collin uses to teach entrepreneurs how to build and grow sustainable, profitable businesses that can run without constant babysitting from its owners.

Today's lesson covers the concept of Delegation. How does an entrepreneur (especially while he or she is just starting out) go about delegating tasks and responsibilities away? Do they use a virtual assistant? If so, isn't it expensive?

Join Collin as he talks through approaching Delegation and the results it can bring to your organization, regardless of the size.

Links Worth Sharing:

Virtual Staff Finder (Philippines-based VA portal)